About Us

Photography has been a huge part of my life for over the last 25 years.  My love for photography began in high school when I experimented with my father’s camera which he received when he was in the Army.  I shot a roll of black and white film through this camera and learned to develop it on my own in a mini darkroom I set up in my parents basement. I then began taking pictures for my high school yearbook and newspaper. So began my love for photography. My portrait and wedding photography career began shortly after high school in 1988.  After graduating from college with a degree in photography and art, my future of wedding photography was just beginning.
Through my family and friends, I have had the opportunities to experience many different events that have allowed me to expand my photographic interests, whether its nature, animals, scenics, or people.  My real passion however, is photography is photographing people. Whether its weddings or portraits, I have traveled from New York to Virginia, and all across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  I truly enjoy the fact that every wedding is a unique and exciting experience.  Being able to capture the images from many different cultures and religious ceremonies has been a very rewarding experience.  It has taught me that no two weddings are alike and each has their own story to tell.
Being a long standing member of the Professional Photographers of America has given me the pleasure and opportunity to attend many photography workshops by some of the world’s greatest wedding and portrait photographers and has allowed me stay on the cutting edge of photography.  With that influence, it encouraged me to start teaching seminars and workshops in 2003 to other photographers and aspiring hobbyist and sharing with them my experience and joy of photography.  I have also had the pleasure of teaching many different people to broaden their photography knowledge from which I am able to see a vast view of images, experiences, and point of views.
Including photography as a part of my life has allowed me to enjoy experiences and meet many people which I may have otherwise not discovered.
Jason Mahoney